a personal collission of coffee, christ, and culture

Who is Thomas Busby?

I have been calling Atlanta home since July of 2007. When looking back on my time here, I always find it interesting. Never was I one for the slow paced life that I appreciate more and more as time progresses. Coming from suburbs mostly, I had been enthused by entertainment: movies, videogames and the like. Always one for the “latest and greatest.” Always gravitating towards the next hot thing.

Strangely, moving to the big city made my focus narrower, but that is not to say its smaller. I enjoy the pub, films, music of all shapes and sizes, and the coffee shop. But my love for these are waning; well, all but that last one. I have been working as a barista for the past 2 years. During this time I have been putting a good amount of energy and time into learning and growing within the coffee industry here in Atlanta and, thus far, its been quite the ride. There is such a thriving, passionate community around coffee here that there is rarely a dull experience.

Perhaps I feel they do not become dull because I love putting my hands on experiences, leaving a small trace of myself behind. Coming into contact with the community at my coffee shop, as well as various places around town, gives me this chance. In addition to what I do at my shop, I enjoy sharing meals and conversations with friends, as well as making new friends at every opportunity.

I guess to sum those up you could use one word: community. I long for community and I long to share community. I attend 1027church, where I serve as Pastor of Community.  I have been with 1027church a bit longer than I’ve been a barista and currently I am working on having my two occupations, barista and pastor, meld together. Its a challenge, but one I always knew was coming down the pipe. These are two worlds that I deeply care for and desire to share with a slew of people.

Its seems both worlds, the church and the coffee industry, are full of people that love to share their lives, experience, and knowledge with others. Seeing information and practice pass from people who love what they do, and love even more to give it away, seeing others grow in the process, is fun; its good to be a part of it.

Simplicity, natural, patience, marginal… all words you could attach to my life. Painting my life in words can be difficult. My life is so much more than words on a page. We have to trust these words at times, that they accurately portray our deepest, most intimate desires. I think I have given an honest portrayal of myself. I trust the posts to fill in the gaps.

Enjoy the blog.


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  1. cowboy

    nice thomasssssssss

    November 23, 2009 at 11:12 pm

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